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Thursday, September 27, 2018
360 Sports Agency announced today that is preparing to launch 360 Sports "AI"gent platform for all active professional...
Wednesday, October 03, 2018
Welcome to the 360 Sports Tech platform. Our platform may be the most comprehensive tech platform for athletes and...
360 Sports Inc.
360 Sports, Inc. is a public company and was formed to manage the business process of sports related startups, mergers and acquisitions.
360 Sports Agency
360 Sports Agency is wholly owned subsidiary of 360 Sports, Inc. and was created to manages the process of providing sports related products and services to athletes and organizations.
360 Sports Events
360 Sports Events is an event tech platform designed as a central resource for event management including scheduling, centralized communication and transactions.
360 Sports Leagues
360 Sports Leagues provides team owners, coaches and athletes with a full suite of technology based tools to sign up and manage community based branded sports leagues.
360 Sports Real Estate
360 Sports Real Estate Division was formed to manage all aspects of sports related real estate sales and development for our athletes and their families.
360 Sports Advisors
360 Sports Advisors was formed to offer financial tools and education for athletes and their families. This is currently in development.
Our Technology
Sports Tech
360 Sports is building a hybrid web and mobile sports tech platform.

Leading edge technology rolled up into an advanced Sports Tech platform designed to provide efficient application while maximizing the opportunities for both our members and our shareholders.

The platform is designed to be free to all members and is monetized through the sales of our products and services in an online marketplace.
Sponsor Tech
Why give away all of the profits to Google and Facebook? 360 Sports sponsor tech platforms allows businesses to choose who and where they want to advertise their products. We do not restrict zip code limitations like other platforms. In addition, 90% of the advertising revenue can go back to our members in order to offset their cost of equipment, uniforms and travel.
Fin Tech
Centralized financial management platform that provides both in house and third party tools for our members.
Event Tech
Centralized event management technology integrated with various popular event management technology where we automate event creation, booking and management. Events include in house, coaching, camps and networking.
Ed Tech
In order to achieve our mission we have created an advanced online education platform that is designed to host learning tools for athletes, coaches and other members. We understand online learning may be a challenge so our platform allows qualified teachers to utilize our online platform and teach at the local level.