Why is federal NIL legislation important to support college athletes?

A federal, nationwide solution for name, image and likeness is necessary and would provide student-athletes across the country a fair, uniform collegiate experience and help ensure that opportunities provided to hundreds of thousands of student-athletes participating in nonrevenue sports continue to be supported. The Association looks forward to working with Congress to enact legislation that […]

Why didn’t the NCAA address this issue before now?

NCAA members continually strive to improve the student-athlete experience, including paying close attention to the changing environment of the student body and within higher education. After taking action to improve academic support, provide the cost of attendance, guarantee scholarships and strengthen health and safety, among many changes, the NCAA membership determined that exploring this issue […]

What did the Presidential Subcommittee on Congressional Action recommend regarding Congress?

Formed as part of the Federal and State Legislation Working Group, the presidential subcommittee was directed to provide input on the potential assistance the NCAA should seek from Congress to support the modernization of rules. The subcommittee’s recommendations were adopted by the Board of Governors and call for engaging Congress on the following items: Action […]

What happens next?

Legislation will be considered in each division in January at the 2021 NCAA Convention. If approved, anticipated effective dates are no later than the start of 2021-22 academic year.