Back Office Solutions for Professional Athletes


360 Sports Agency offers active and retired pro athletes back office solutions in a family office style format.  What makes us different is that we do not charge the athlete any fees. Instead, we form a business partnership with the athlete where we integrate the products and services of our company into the business of the athlete and then manage the day to day operations.  Please checkout the vast array of products, services and events the athlete can build their personal brand.


We are based in New York City and have team members spread throughout the country. We are leaders in decentralized management solutions, reducing overhead and unnecessary expenses giving us a competitive advantage over anyone else who promises to match our services.


It only takes a few days to set up and it’s a forever business.


Did you know there are over $400 million in brand new rookie bonus money every year, yet each year, athletes are taken advantage of by “experts” in quality of life management where more than 85% of athletes end up broke less than 5 years after retiring. It’s our mission to reverse this process.


Fill out the contact form or call us at 917-719-1360 and we will get the process started. It takes a few days to establish your own business where we provide the back office operations – at no risk to the athlete. It take time to build relationships and as we get to know each other, we will “plug in” our services within the mission and vision of the athlete. Our system is designed to last forever without having to depend on the athlete to continuously fund retainer accounts like many other service providers require.


Our team is made up of proven entrepreneurs in various sectors including insurance, construction, real estate, sales, restaurants, education, nursing, etc. We offer a broad array of services.

Contact us to get started.

*All athletes shall be onboarded through our legal representation process Because of this, all conversations about finances, personal situations and litigation and any other aspect of protected information are protected within the rules of attorney-client privilege.