How To Get Pro Athletes To Market Your Financial or Insurance Advisory, Without Having To Pay Them

We create businesses for pro athletes, that business includes a wealth and insurance division.  Since athlete’s are not licensed insurance professionals, they need to outsource those divisions to licensed financial and insurance fiduciaries.  In return for an exclusive territory license fee, your advisory can be listed as the preferred advisory for athletes.

It gets better…

Since licensing requirements are state specific, regardless of who the athlete is, or where the athlete lives, or where the athlete plays, when that athlete markets their business, they are marketing you.  The way it works is that the territory where the athlete family, friends or fans lives, will determine which local, category exclusive, advisory will be shown to that potential customer.

Our technology allows us to offer this business service to every athlete from NIL eligible to pro to retired pro athletes.  The more athletes we have in our system, the bigger the pool of athlete social media followers that may live in your community and need your advisory products and services.  Currently our athletes have over 30 million combined social followers and we add more everyday.

Imagine hundreds of high school and college athletes in your territory marketing ‘their business’ to their family, friends and fans resulting in unprecedented marketing saturation in your community.

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Anthony Scheierer

Director of Sales for 360 Sports, Inc.