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app homepageThe 360 Sports Marketing Platform an advanced sports marketing platform which is intended to not only assist athletes with recruitment but also help athletes earn extra revenue.   This is accomplished a few ways.  First we allow athletes to invite their sponsors to place ads on or through their athlete marketing profile.  With the ability to reach millions of  athletes and members, in any demographic or location, sponsors should find great value in having a presence on our app. 
Advertisers & sponsors can easily buy packages, start campaigns, choose demographics, upload graphics, submit ads and run reports. Athletes and their agents can create zones, approve or reject advertisers, ads and campaigns, and a whole lot more.  
When you are in the position to tryout for a new team, you can share your profile with any coach or team.  Our profile layout is cutting edge.  It shows your biometric stats, video highlights and other accomplishments in a layout that is most preferred by coaches and teams. 


 The profile will also analyze your biometrics and give you a ranking.  This will enable not only coaches, but mentors to view your profile and see where you may need improvement.  If necessary, you can search for a camp, tryout or other event to help improve on your skills.


Professional athletes are encouraged to mentor the amateur athletes in their community. 
 This is easily accomplished through the 360SportsApp at no cost or through mentoring events.  Professional athletes are encouraged create and market mentoring groups and their events on this platform.
Market your profile to your social media.

Socialmedia pm

  Create and share your profile, events or your free personal custom apparel store across social media.  Encourage supporters to purchase your custom gear or 360 Sports products and services through your profile.  You will earn a commission on every sale of various 360 Sports products and services to help pay for the costs associated with practice and competition.  For example, if your cousin purchases their plane and hotel accommodations through the 360sportstravel link on your profile, the cousin will get a great price & you will earn a commission.   Concert tickets, event tickets, licensed apparel and much more!  It is a great way for your fans, friends and family to help you out without having to beg for money.  A fantastic fundraiser.
sponsorSponsors & Advertisers
There is a reason why sports marketing has the #1 ROI.  It works.  We have many opportunities for advertisors of any size.  Browse the thousands of events on our site to find an athlet or event that fits your target audience and your budget.  Simply click 'advertise here' in the zone you wish to advertise.  If you purchase an advertisement through a group, athlete or event,   The group/athlete/event owner will get credit and earn a commission for your purchase.  We have a number of packages to choose from.  There is a sponsorship package for every budget.
If you are an athlete you will earn 90% of our net profit on all advertisements made on your profile under the heading "Sponsor this Athlete Here"  this includes Equipment Sponsor, Travel Sponsor, and Spotlight Sponsors.bills
On sales of all other sponsorships and products made through your profile you will earn 25% of our net profit.
Our net profit on each product and service varies between 5% & 95% of the gross sale.  We are brokers and are continually negotiating our prices and commissions.  Please see terms and conditions for more details.
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