Pro Draft Prospects

Pre Draft Loans – Better than any other lender for workouts, cost of living and launching your own brand

Business accelerator – A family-office style back-office solution for professional athletes

Your own apparel line

Your own nutrition brand

Your own business

Step 1: Seed Round

• 360 Sports, Inc. to partner with pro athletes and enter into a JV

• 360 to invest time, materials, and labor by providing the following startup services:

  • business operations
  • legal
  • accounting
  • marketing
  • sales
  • technology

Step 2: A Round

Athlete’s assets and liabilities are rolled up into the corporation
A diversified portfolio is created:

  • Real Estate 50%
  • Tech – 20%
  • Health and Fitness: 10%
  • Capital: 15% – 45% (depending on athlete’s liabilities)
  • Events & Entertainment: 5%

In the case where liabilities exceed assets, equity capital shall be raised either through a PPM or Reg A registration statement.
The capital division shall refinance all-athlete debt and restructure loan payments.

If necessary, capital is raised in both private equity and cash infusion by 360 Sports, Inc.

In the case where assets exceed liability, a PPM will be created where investors are first-lien holders in a new class of preferred shares
The athlete has “rollback” protection in the case the corporation is dissolved

Step 3: B Round

360 creates a Reg A Tier 1 offering where up to $20 million in shares shall be registered for unrestricted free trading by both existing and future shareholders.

The use of proceeds shall be dedicated to growing of existing assets as well as strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Step 4: C Round

A combination of cash on hand and equity shall be invested in growing the company. A team is put in place to manage the long-term growth of the company