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360 Sports provides sports related products and services to athletes.  The following products are a centralized list of what we currently provide; however, members who join our free membership program can earn cash back on many of the products and services purchase from their personal profile page. 

Help us keep our athlete development platform free by purchasing products from 360 Sports. 

Get your official Mel Eason Football Camp Tee

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360 Sports has created a sports agency franchise model. The model is in its early stages. 

Sports Communities

Within 1-3 years of securing a territory

Great for EB5 programs where we can teach foreign investors sports business and teach the same values and principles of sports agency ownership in their home country.

By athletes for athletes to give athletes better opportunities than they have today.

Contact us to reserve a territory today. No risk reservations.

Sports Agent

360sports travel

Our Travel Tech can help you save money any time you travel.  Whether it is for sports or pleasure, for the team or just to get away, booking with 360 Sports Travel relieves the burden of having to negotiate discounts with hotels, airlines, car rental & vacations.  When comparing our travel prices with other sites, please make sure you have the 'final' price. Our members earn cash back on qualified bookings.

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Mel Eason Football Camp. 

Mel is a minor league football lineman for the Central Penn Piranha.  Mel has been playing and coaching football for over 20 years.  This camp is designed to assist youth with the #1 reason athletes get cut.....Proper technique.

This camp is open to athletes 14yrs and older.

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By Athletes for Athletes

Pro and Retired Pro can market their camps to amateur athletes in their community.

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360 Sports is dedicated to bringing better solutions to our clients. More often than not, the most effective and affordable tools come from technology.  Betterment is a perfect example of that, and a perfect 360 Sports Partner.Bettermentlogo

Our approach to long-term investing can help you earn 2.66% more per year than a typical investor. Our technology helps make this possible by lowering taxes, lowering fees, diversifying your portfolio, and enabling better investor behavior.


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Betterment 3 Betterment 4 Betterment 5 Betterment 6 

Athlete Development Technology

Use our 360 Sports mobile app to guide you through the improvement process and check how your technique and data analysis ranks among professional athletes.


Coach's Eye is the world's leading video platform for coaches and athletes who want meaningful performance feedback by reviewing technique and game films. Coach's Eye delivers state of the art coaching and content management tools on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Athletes can be recorded instantly to review and then improve performance.

Refine a pitcher's fastball, analyze a golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate proper weightlifting form with immediate visual feedback. 

Every coach, athlete, and parent needs the edge Coach's Eye delivers.



Sports Complexes are designed to house the sports leagues of 360.


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Sports Technology - Use these tools to help improve your performance 

Tools to edit and share video, interact with stats, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes. The whole experience is available online, giving coaches and athletes secure access at home and on the go.

Browse or Download our apps below..


Sports Collectibles for Every Fan. 

Shop for Thousands of 100% Authentic Autographed Sports Collectibles at SportsMemorabilia.com

It's all about the technology.  It's what makes us better, faster, stronger, smarter.  Coach's Eye allows you to film your technique and use your 360 Sports profile and reach out to a professional athlete for advice.


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Sports Nutrition is the Cornerstone of a Great Athlete

Tickets to almost any event.

Find cheap tickets!


360 Sports continually searches for the best partners and negotiates the best deal for our members.

360 Sports Inc is engaged in providing our athletes with the latest products in sports technology. Wether it be personal web sites, mobile apps or video and sensors, we are positioned to provide it all, quickly, cutting edge and scalable.

Custom Apparel Store- Start your own 'brand' and earn $$ from each sale.

Team Uniforms - Custom logo or thousands of customizable templates discounts start at 6 pieces.

Great Fundraiser - When fans purchase apparel, you make $$

Thousands of items to customize - Hats, bags, towels, jackets

No minimums - Order 1 or 1,000

360 Sports is hyper-focused on athlete development but that doesn't mean we can't recommend great products for teams and leagues.  Check out the video:

Team Snap 1 Team Snap 2

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360 Sports offers may insurance options for our athletes and their families. 


360 Sports operates from a super fiduciary position.  We have analyzed all the risks that athletes encounter and found ways to reduce that risk in many athlete-life categories as possible. Insurance is a vital part of managing risk.  We are in the process of building out a structure where we are in a position to offer athletes their own captive insurance company to be able to self insure and reduce even more risks through tax efficient and arbitrage real estate investments.  

We currently offer many other quality insurance products to our members through our partners.  Members can earn cash back for completed applications or purchasing qualified products.

Professional Athlete Loss of Value Insurance Please Contact a 360 Sports Agent or Associate

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Ehealth 2

Coming Soon


360 Sports offers licensed sportswear through it's affiliate programs.  Our program is different because we offer the same great licensed products as everyone else, however, we offer cash back to athletes.

Help us keep our athlete development technology platform free to athletes by purchasing products through 360.

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Rob and Ed Meeting

  • Intro to 360 and being public
  • Rob set up Office account for Ed. To follow up on Friday.
  • Contract discussion
  • Rob to set up a website and hosting account page with site names, usernames, passwords
  • Rob to set up a One Note Page of Products and Services (IE Affiliates) usernames and passwords
  • Rob to Discuss Outline with Ed on websites, functionality and layout.
  • Ed and Rob to discuss model websites to follow.
  • 360 Sports Inc is parent company
  • 360 Sports Agency, 360 Sports Leagues and Events and is 360 Sports Real Estate
    • Start with agency, because that's where the money
    • then leagues and events
    • then real estate
    • Integrate the sports complexes into the leagues site.
    • All sales originate from an athletes page
  • Rob to provide ed with page layouts

Official Mel Eason Football Camp Bag

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