Small IPO 2


Family office style education and networking event.



Hosted at an exclusive private club, attendees will learn how to engage with athletes and help them launch a family office business model.


This event is ideal for broker dealers, registered investment advisors and those seeking to partner with pro athletes and help manage their family office.

This high demand event helps participants navigate tough decisions such as investor type, investment structure, marketing material, by-line, and tax strategies.

There will be time for peer to peer networking, a deep dive on specific insights and strategies, and how to apply them.

Whether you are new to our community or have attended 50+ of our events over the last 16 years, this event will be dynamic, unique, and a very practical example of how to apply investor relations and capital raising best practices and processes.


The goal of this event is to provide investor momentum on a variety of capital raises so everyone walks away with a more robust process while removing potential friction points that may be driving away investors to hurting your ability to close a deal.

You can cancel at any time, we don’t lock anyone into long-term contracts. Please complete the form below to get started for free when the time is appropriate for you.


If you attend our event and find that you don’t get at least $1,000 of value, We will give you 100% of your money back on admissions paid.