What did the Presidential Subcommittee on Congressional Action recommend regarding Congress?

Formed as part of the Federal and State Legislation Working Group, the presidential subcommittee was directed to provide input on the potential assistance the NCAA should seek from Congress to support the modernization of rules.

The subcommittee’s recommendations were adopted by the Board of Governors and call for engaging Congress on the following items:

  • Action to preempt various state legislation on name, image and likeness.
  • Establishing a “safe harbor” for the Association to provide protection against lawsuits filed for name, image and likeness rules.
  • Safeguarding the nonemployment status of student-athletes.
  • Maintaining the distinction between college and pro sports.
  • Upholding NCAA values, including diversity, inclusion and gender equity.

The subcommittee also recommended supporting broader modernization of NCAA rules in student-athlete well-being, including academics, health and safety, and overall campus experience.